Analysis of August Wilson’s Fences

Fences by August Wilson explores the struggles of African Americans in the 1950s. August has written ten plays, including this one that explores the struggles for justice and fairness by African Americans. Born in 1945 in Hill District Pittsburg, August grew up in an ethnically diverse environment that perhaps placed him at a better place of writing plays that touched on black Americans’ struggles. Other works written by August include Gem of the ocean, Jitney, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone and King Hedley II, all of which are plays in ‘The Pittsburg Cycle.’

The play…

Have you ever thought about how our world would be if we achieved immortality..or at least some of us were immortal? Now, before you brush this aside with the ‘we can’t achieve immortality’ excuse, think of what humanity has achieved in the past 100 years in terms of science and technology. If you told a person in 1920 that in 100 years, people would talk and see each other while miles apart, there are good chances you would have been thrown into a psychiatric ward.

If there is anything we have ever dreaded as a race is death. We know…

Abiud Masinde

What a better way to give you a tour inside my reality than words!

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